September 6, 2016

20th Anniversary of Under the Tuscan Sun!

Dear friends, Today is the publication day for a special new edition of Under the Tuscan Sun, with a new essay I wrote in celebration. How amazing for me that this memoir has endured and thrived for twenty years. You never know, of course, when you write a book what its fate will be. Sink out of sight, soar to the sun–who knows. This book just happened to find readers and to my surprise, I’ve been flying on its coat tails ever since. At last count the book is in 52 languages. That’s the biggest surprise of all. I thought if readers liked it, they would be more or less like me. As it appears in each language, people from that country make the trip to Cortona and I often meet them. What a gift this book has been in my life. I have traveled, met so many fantastic people and have loved all the letters and thoughtful gifts people have sent me. Today, I’m at home, trying to finish a novel, another launch into the unknown future!  I have beside me on the desk a copy of this new edition, with my house and its flowers tempting me to look at them. Bramasole! Heart’s needle, as compelling for me today as it was when I plunked down my life savings to have it. Twenty years! So long! Italy, by now, has given me many books and I’m grateful. My new book, too, is set in Italy. Please watch for it in the spring–Women in Sunlight. 

Thank you for reading my blog and for the comments which I enjoy so much. Fall is rushing toward us. Hope it’s lovely for all.