April 9, 2011

A Brief Pause in the Action

The wisteria is romping through the woods and all the dogwoods are flaring among the pines. I long to be outside but I’m shut in with a few deadlines.  On Tuesday, 12 April, I will be at the National Geographic in Washington D.C.  (see “Tour”).  Then I hope to pop up to the Walker Museum in Baltimore on Wednesday to see an exhibit of religious artifacts.  I love a gita, quick trip, to Washington. We’ll get to see good friends and dine in a couple of restaurants–a fine end to my book tour.  We’re driving up through Virginia, where spring is in full force.  When a moment of calm arrives, I’d like to post some photos from my recent travels to Randolph College in Lynchburg VA, The Tattered Cover in Denver, and a stop in Kansas City for Rainy Day Books.  All those events were fantastic for me.

A history professor of mine used to say “All wars begin in spring.”  I’d rather think that all travel plans do.  I am very excited to start planning a one-week drive around Sardinia, with a couple of days on Capri, at the end of May.  I’ve been only once to Sardinia and that was to Alghero, where there’s more than a touch of the Moors in the food and architecture. That trip started off my dreaming about places I wanted to live, which resulted in A Year in the World. Finally, I’m getting back there.  Isn’t it odd how you tell yourself you’ll return soon and then it takes forever to do so?  This shot is from Capri and is just the serenity I’m craving. To sit at that table with a notebook and a glass of lemonade and feel that balmy air. . .


I’m about to start gathering information.  If anyone has recommendations for Sardinia or for Capri, I would love to hear them–places, wines, foods, books, anything.

As a P.S. here’s a link to a short interview I did with The Recipe Club. http://www.therecipeclub.net/2011/04/06/cooking-around-the-world-tuscany-with-frances-mayes/#comments