October 14, 2010


At the end of the last photo shoot for the cookbook Ed and I are writing, I snapped a picture of the compost.  We had worked for a week with Steven Rothfeld and later I’ll post some shots of the glorious food we made.  Kim Sunee–who wrote the memoir Trail of Crumbs–came over for three days and helped us cook and style.  We had only one failure and I think it was because the flour is different there.  We had lots of fun in the kitchen because we share a raucous sense of humor and a staggering fortitude for fourteen-hour cooking and photo sessions. Our friend Ivan Italiani cooked too–and offered many great suggestions. We made and loved his pear and gorgonzola agnolotti.  I swear that the compost was not touched or arranged.  It just seemed amazing that even the compost was lovely.