February 4, 2010

Read about chestnuts

In the comments to my last post, Sarah wrote to me.  She’s from Tuscany Unlimited magazine in the UK. This was new to me so I looked it up: http://www.tuscanyunlimited.com If you’re Tuscany obsessed, you’ll want to check it out.  To read many of the full articles, you must subscribe.  Some are printed entire.  I was happy to see my friend, winemaker Riccardo Barrachi featured.  (You can buy his Ardito at many wine stores.)  I loved the chestnut article, “The Bread of Life.”  We gather chestnuts in early fall in Tuscany and use them to stuff a chicken, simmer in red wine, toast in the fireplace, or to make Monte Bianco, a grand dessert of chestnut puree and cream.  The article shows a chestnut festival.  We go to one as well and all the farmers dance and everyone eats cones of roasted chestnuts.  Those Tuscan farmers can really dance!