March 12, 2012

Kitchen / Garden video The Tuscan Sun Cookbook

During the photo shoots for The Tuscan Sun Cookbook, Steven Rothfeld shot a few scenes with his video camera. Here they are–our vegetable garden and our kitchen at the mountain house, my favorite kitchen I’ve ever had. It’s not huge but it just works so well, especially for two cooks. The stove is central in the U shaped design and there’s a good-sized sink on either wing. Lots of cool travertine counter space for making pasta, and an indestructible brick floor. As a homage to the former coop it was, I used chicken wire in the cabinet doors. Just out of sight, there’s a fridge and wine fridge and storage for glasses. The long dining table pictured several times in the book is at the other end of the room.

All the photographs in the book were taken in natural light, on our plates, at our tables. We’ll never get back the time we spent waiting for the lazy Tuscan clouds to move away from the sun. We did our own styling–nothing is faked or glazed or sprayed!!! We agreed that we wanted the photographs to match the spirit of the food–tempting, colorful, spontaneous. Steven did a fabulous job with the photography. After each shoot, we ate everything!

The book comes out 13 March and I start my wandering minstrel journeys, visiting this week Smart Talk Lecture Series in Wilmington DL on Wednesday 14 March; Williams Sonoma in Washington, DC on 15 March; and the Williams Sonoma in  Annapolis MD on 16 March. Then I’m back in NC for an event at  Williams Sonoma in Raleigh on 17 March. The next week, Art Institute of Chicago, Atlanta History Center, then two events with the great Rainy Day Books in Kansas City. Click on TOUR for details. I hope to meet some of you along the way. Please say hello!

The Tuscan Sun Cookbook video