March 11, 2018

New Book, New See You in the Piazza Design, Spring!

La Primavera! Not long now. With spring on our doorsteps, See You in the Piazza  gets a fresh look. And updated info–I have been SO focused on writing two books at once that I’ve fallen behind on my blog, which gives me so much pleasure. My novel, WOMEN IN SUNLIGHT comes out 3 April! I will be traveling north, south, east, and west, plus several in the middle. Please click on EVENTS and if I’m coming your way, do come say hello. Bring cookies! Just kidding!

9780451497666 Women in Sunlight

Here’s a preview:

Women in Sunlight follows four women over  the first year of their friendship. There’s a fifth woman, too, and although dead, she still has an active presence in the life of my narrator, Kit, a writer of forty four who is on the verge of a huge change in her life. Camille, Julia, and Susan, the other women, are older, and truth be told they are beginning to feel somewhat marginalized. Their families and / or their circumstances lead each of them to consider moving to an “active life-style” community of constant activities, no house and garden worries, organic dining, etc. They meet at the orientation. Their friendship takes off and over the course of a summer they begin to consider bolder options.

Enter Italy! The women find a villa on a hillside outside San Rocco. Kit, their neighbor, quickly decides to tell the story of the three intrepid Americans. They travel, they make friends, they enjoy all the benisons of Italian life, but unexpectedly, who each one is begins to expand. Cookbook editor, part time art lecturer, real estate agent–their former careers burgeon into their real and never realized potential. In the land of la dolce vita, they discover ambition, focus, and belief in themselves. And there’s more, but I should leave surprises. At the end of the lease, do they return, refreshed to the known and loved realm of the American South, or do they stay? I honestly didn’t know until the end.

My hope is that you enjoy reading about these friends as much as I loved discovering them. I miss them now, but actually, I will meet them over and over in Italy. What inspired me in the first place was all the women travelers I’ve met in the piazza of Cortona. There’s one–sitting with her cappuccino and notebook at a table under the clock tower. I know her. She’s on a quest. She’s my character, my reader, my friend.


 Here’s a preorder opportunity: If you’d like a signed bookplate, you can have one–no charge–by opening:   And if you’d like to order a personalized book, please contact Sharon at Purple Crow Books in my hometown, Hillsborough NC: or telephone: 919 732 1711. She will contact me and I’ll drop by the store and sign your book however you’d like, then she mails to you. I’ll be heading to Italy in May so contact her in April. This summer I will be polishing SEE YOU IN THE PIAZZA: NEW PLACES TO DISCOVER IN ITALY. That book has been incredibly fun! What a country Italy is!

Meanwhile, now the days are long again, always a relief. I’ve been at my desk all winter and am the color of a turnip. Yesterday, I started moonflower, gourd, sunflower, and morning glory seeds. By the time I’m home from my book tour, Ed will have put them into the ground. These are prime gardening days coming up and I plan to be outside as much as possible before I start boarding those planes. More later!