August 28, 2017


fullsizeoutput_9a34Dear Friends! Thanks to all who wrote asking if I’ve fallen off the sharp edge of the world. No. I’ve just been writing two books. Down the rabbit hole! The novel, Women in Sunlight, is finished and I even have a galley copy hot off the press. It will be published by Crown in April. The other, a travel book, is named for this blog: See You in the Piazza: Places to Discover in Italy. 

I am still traveling non-stop and writing as I go. This summer, I have been in the Dolomiti and Piemonte and Puglia and Lazio and Friuli! This fall I will be in Sicilia, Sardegna, Calabria, Le Marche, and the Veneto. Intense but exhilarating! I expect to finish by the end of November. These travel reconfirm what I already knew: Italy is endless!

Please don’t forget my blog; I enjoy the interaction and comments so much. If you have any little-known places you love in Italy, please send! I will be back to normal soon. Ci vediamo!

Above, a heavenly spot in the Dolomiti: Lago di Braies.