March 11, 2019

See You in the Piazza is out!

March 12–an exciting day for me. I start my tour for the debut of See You in the Piazza: New Places to Discover in Italy. Please check EVENTS and come say hello if you’re nearby.

My husband Ed and I were down in Puglia, way south, and relishing the tiny towns, the seaside villages, and the Baroque city of Lecce. Many places, Troia, Lucera, Orsara, I’d never heard of. We traveled spontaneously about, discovering more and more rose windows in Romanesque churches, bread makers whose ovens were medieval, country inns with great kitchens serving forth vegetable-based menus, regional archaeological museums with astonishing finds, and secret coves for a swim in transparent waters. Away from the well-traveled spots, I rediscovered an aspect of travel I love:spontaneity. Hence the genesis of this book! Travel forth into the places in between. For a year and a half, we zipped around Italy from top to toe, with leaps over to the islands as well.
What I learned I already knew but now I truly, truly know: Italy is endless. How can there be such diversity in one small country? North in Trentino Alto Adige region:

Way south in sunbaked Sardegna:

and a million place in the middle!

Join me on these journeys into the interior, the heart of Italy.