March 2, 2020


Spring is travel time! See You in the Piazza, my extensive guide to out-of-the-way places in Italy, is out in paperback on 10 March. I’ll be back in Italy in late spring and already have plans to revisit some of the places I discovered while writing this  book. I hope it leads you back to that essential sense of discovery so crucial to having a great trip. I especially love the tiny town of Puglia, as well as its stupendous beaches. Le Marche, Friuli, and the towns south of Rome were also great favorites. But who can choose? I’ve said it before–Italy is endless. One great city discovery–Torino. Everyone has heard of it but few go there. It’s the greenest city in Italy and a superb food destination. With mass travel ever expanding, my meanderings into the less-trod towns seemed timely. It’s exciting when the GPS simply gives up and leads you into some farmer’s olive grove.



On 31 March, out comes Always Italy, from National Geographic and distributed by Penguin Random House.  With my co-author Ondine Cohane who lives in Tuscany, we traveled to all twenty glorious regions of Italy, something most Italians haven’t accomplished! Each region is unique and diverse. With 350 photos, up-to-the-minute recommendations, extensive wine information, this book takes you there–architecture, design, truffle hunting, outdoor adventures, spas, new museums, and, of course, restaurants, from the tiniest gelato shop to the best dining spots in Italy. A comprehensive guidebook, Always Italy is also a cultural companion. May it lead you to Calabria, Valle d’Aosta, Molise, as well as to an undiscovered Milan, Rome, Venice!


9781426220913 - Always Italy (Nat Geo)