June 9, 2014

Summer and Italy

Because of book touring for Under Magnolia and other trips promoting my Tuscan Sun Wines, I have been long away from See You in the Piazza.  I am back. Well, actually I am leaving North Carolina again today—going to Italy. Ed has been there three weeks, trying to rush along the restoration projects that just kept multiplying. One unexpected event–new floors in the old kitchen and the cantina. The builder found great old bricks.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to leave our North Carolina house as high summer arrives. The spring garden was a great pleasure this year, especially after a nasty winter.

 It seems that if I sat on the porch with a glass of iced tea, I might start my next book.  But Italy calls, as it tends to do.  Soon, I will write from there, where the cherries are just coming into season, the workers have taken down the fifty foot Polish Wall, and the garden is merely mud!!  A presto!