January 12, 2012

With the Great Help of a Nine-year Old Boy. . .

I have signed on for Twitter and Facebook.  For one who still likes ink pens, the process was eye-opening. Most startling to me was when the links start scrolling down and I realized that friends know friends when I had no idea that they did. Or that someone I barely know in Washington is “friends” with good friends of mine in California. I was also surprised at all the welcoming responses. Welcome to Facebook.  So glad you are tweeting. I was joining a megachurch, a sorority, a union, a country club–all at once. After seeing these media connections, you have to believe in six degrees of separation, at most.  These two activities, I already see, could devour a whole lot of time that I should be spending on writing projects. There’s a compelling, lethal mix of the trivial and profound, and everything in the middle. On my first tweet, I noted that two daffodils were in bloom at my house on New Year’s Day. The second one was from the morning I woke up missing Rome and spent the day there in my head:


This is a trove of a book and a must-read for all lovers of the greatest city.

On Twitter, I’ll recommend a lot of books. Please “follow” me there and on Facebook, where we will have the chance to see photos and to share news.  All this is new. I’m still learning. For Willie, my grandson, like so many his age, the digital age came free with his DNA. Fortunately, he likes notebooks and ink pens as well.

My sudden move into the world is occasioned by the cookbook’s imminent release (13 March). I am getting ready to tour, be on best behavior, and be ready to have dinner out of the minibar if a flight is late, late.  I am going to be updating the blog: adding lots of Steven Rothfeld’s amazing photographs from the book, adding some recipes, an interview with The Recipe Club, and, of course, posting my tour. I hope Ed will be with me for much of it. It will be fun if I meet readers of this blog. Clarkson Potter (publisher) and Steven Barclay Agency are hard at work right now juggling dates and places. A few dates are already pinned to the calendar:

14 March: Wilmington, Delaware, Smart Women Lecture

21 March: Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta History Center

27 March: New Brunswick, New Jersey, Smart Women Lecture

28 March: Des Moines, Iowa, Smart Women Lecture

More on all that later. Hope everyone’s new year has commenced with a flourish.